Sharing the Joy of the Season

As we celebrate the joyous Advent season, I am reminded of our many blessings. We are blessed with loving families, a wonderful church family, a place to live, the opportunity to learn and work…the list goes on. During this time of year, life can be busy. We can get so wrapped up in all of the busyness of the season that we forget that not everyone is so fortunate.

Over these next few weeks as we prepare our hearts to celebrate the coming of Christ, try to take some time as a family to intentionally think of others. We would like to challenge each of our WHBC families to perform at least 3 random acts of kindness throughout the holiday season. These can range from baking cookies for local firemen to leaving change next to a vending machine to delivering a special gift to a neighbor to mailing a card to a friend who could use some encouragement to paying for the person behind you in line at the drive through. The possibilities are endless!

Take some time together as a family to make a list of ideas for intentional acts of kindness that you can do together. Pinterest can be a great source for ideas! Whatever activities you choose, have fun with this as you bless others this holiday season.


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