Finding Your “Why”

A few years ago at a youth conference one speaker encouraged those in attendance to consider their why. Essentially what he meant, was to remember to be intentional. This has served as a good reminder for me over the years, and has become a way for me to focus my intentions. The speaker encouraged those in attendance to pause before they get out of the car or before a conversation with a teenager and ask, “why am I here?” That simple question serves as a way of focusing ourselves to make the most of every opportunity and to give these opportunities purpose.
We have real opportunities coming up. Our students and children are about to be out of school for a few weeks, and there are opportunities there. There are many things that will fill our calendars over the next few weeks, what is the “why” there? Finding your “why” can take mundane, stressful tasks, and fill them with meaning and purpose. As you go throughout this season, find your why in each situation. Why are you purchasing these gifts for these people? Why are you making time in the middle of everything else to spend time with loved ones? Why is this advent season such a special time for us to be together as a church family?…You can make your own list of why questions, but may the answers to those question drive you, and maybe then we can see this Advent season a little differently.


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